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case study
case study
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the problem
A global leader in automotive lighting came to PHB with the challenge of creating two castings – one for low beams and one for high beams. Because of the complexity in aligning the fixtures (heat sink pads) for the LEDs, prior designs had only allowed them to have three heat-sink pads per casting. Since both the low beams and high beams required six heat sinks, each headlight required four castings. The problem compounded when the mirror design was required for left or right headlights. With the added expense of creating separate tooling for all of the castings, and the additional time and expense involved in aiming these eight castings, our customer realized it was time for a new solution.
the solution
The challenge in producing the six heatsink pads was to maintain the profile tolerance to the 6 pads to within .4mm to the datum structure. There are 17 individual features at each pad location, or 102 total features per casting that are critical to function. Any missing feature results in a part that our customer cannot fully assemble. PHB utilized the MAGMA process simulation and other camera quality inspection, close tolerance machining, and precision quality control to develop and produce a two-casting headlight assembly for our customer.
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Why Choose PHB for injection molding?

PHB is a leader in rubber and plastic part prototyping, injection molding, assembly, over molding, product graphics, custom packaging and shipping, while also providing cryogenic deflashing, and labeling of molded parts. With a large range of types and processes, PHB is a global supplier of quality molded parts.

Plastics Molding

PHB not only prototypes, designs and manufacturers injection molded plastic products, but we do so with an unmatched attention to detail. Through constantly improving processes and a culture of innovation our plastics molding division has become a world leader in the development and manufacturing of products. We have partnered with well-known brands to design parts for everything from upright mobility devices, to finished parts on luxury automobiles.

Rubber Molding

PHB Rubber Molding offers you the ability to design and build tooling while assisting with the design of the product. We also provide prototyping, assembly, overmolding, product graphics, custom packaging and shipping. Our rubber molding division runs three shifts of productions including both low volume and high volume jobs. We are able to repair and run older rubber molding tooling as well as provide specific testing and compliance certifications.

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