About PHB Incorporated

Located in Fairview, Pennsylvania, PHB is a privately held corporation with roots stemming from die casting since 1906. We became incorporated as PHB in 1984. PHB is recognized across the globe as a fully integrated supplier of quality parts and assemblies. With approximately 500 dedicated employees and over 750,000 square feet of floor space, manufacturing capabilities consist of zinc die casting, aluminum die casting, machining and product assembly.

Recognizing that skilled people and technological growth is the keystone for success in today’s global marketplace, PHB continues to commit resources to remain an industry leader. High-tech equipment and machinery feature process monitoring, computer imaging, robotics, CNC and state of the art software including AutoCAD, Pro-E, MAGMAsoft®, CAD/CAM and EDI compatibility. We service many markets including appliance, telecommunications, electronics, electrical equipment, automotive, transportation, medical, industrial equipment, instrumentation, aerospace, and defense industries.

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