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Die Cast Tooling Reverse Engineering Experts

Advanced Reverse Engineering Technology at PHB Corporation Need to Create a 3d Model and Tooling from an Existing Die Cast Part? We Can Help. For over 100 years, PHB Corporation has been a full-service supplier of quality products using our extensive capabilities in aluminum and zinc die casting. On top of our turnkey service that
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PHB Inc. Influencing The Next Generation of Manufacturers

PHB Inc. Influencing The Next Generation of Manufacturers The fourth annual Manufacturing Day took place on Wednesday, October 11, at the Bayfront Convention Center, in downtown Erie, PA. Sister companies PHB Inc. and Reddog have made a presence at the convention since its launch four years ago. Thousands of students and manufacturing businesses came together
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Heat Sinks (Heat Spreaders & Heat Exchangers) for LED Lighting and Electronics

Heat Sinks (Heat Spreaders & Heat Exchangers) for LED Lighting and Electronics If you’re a seasoned manufacturer of electronic devices or their parts, you know that a heat sink is a crucial component for keeping processors cool. This simple yet imperative piece of equipment incorporates a fan or peltier device to bring temperatures down and
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Why the Best Aluminum Die Casting Manufacturers Use MAGMAsoft Process Simulation

Challenges will inevitably arise in the manufacturing process as the complexity of some client’s desired features overlap or even conflict with one another. Thankfully, when there is a complex problem, the best die casting manufacturers can still provide an innovative solution with the use of MAGMAsoft Process Simulation.
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PHB and BuhlerPrince Promote Solutions to Non-Automotive OEMs

BuhlerPrince, Inc. and PHB, Inc. have made a joint visit to a high-tech and high-end electronics OEM to discuss the topic of thin wall aluminum castings. As many, in both the die casting and automotive industry know, thin wall aluminum parts are the big growth area for castings. This is due to the ever increasing requirement for better fuel economy, lower carbon emissions or both. However, light weighting is becoming very important in many other areas and many other industries...
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Welcome to Our New Manufacturing Company Website

At PHB we are constantly evolving our processes and technology to serve our customers better. With this goal in mind, we’ve worked with weCreate Website Design and Marketing to develop a website that represents our service offerings and capabilities. If you would like to see any additional information on the site, please do not hesitate to reach out. We want to encourage you to stop back at our web address for new case studies that can give you valuable insights into our manufacturing processes, as well as new ideas for your company...
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