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PHB Inc. is a U.S. based company and full-service manufacturer of quality products in the aluminum die casting, zinc die casting, and tool & die industries. PHB serves manufacturing companies and OEMs that demand the highest level of quality, and as an ITAR registered, IATF certified die casting company, it allows us to complete projects for government and military work. PHB’s Pennsylvania plant has produced castings for some of the largest OEMs in the United States, ranging from lighting to automotive, appliance, and U.S. military. Our company solves active die casting problems by specializing in turning complex design specifications into a reality for our customers. From mold design and testing to component manufacturing, finishing, and packaging, PHB provides turnkey manufacturing solutions to those in need of aluminum or zinc die casting. Take advantage of PHB’s 100 years of die casting experience and learn more about our specialized services that can benefit your project today.

A Precision CNC Machining & Injection Molding Company

In addition to our global die casting capabilities, CNC is an ITAR compliant contract manufacturer that excels in precision CNC machining and injection molding. PHB specializes in providing cost-effective solutions to short-run productions. Our extensive facility, staff, and on-site equipment allow for high volume production, time-sensitive turnaround, and comprehensive quality assurance processes. Our injection molding processes extend to both plastic injection molding and rubber injection molding. With similarly high volume capabilities, PHB continues to find solutions for issues in the injection molding process on an international level. These capabilities lend to a number of other services we offer to our customers, including plastic prototyping and tooling. Visit our CNC MachiningPlastic Molding, and Rubber Molding pages today to learn more about how our processes can serve your business.


PHB is certified for the International Standards System IATF16949 for manufacturing companies. Our company’s Quality Assurance uses state of the art process monitoring systems to meet the highest standards in aluminum die casting, zinc die casting, CNC machining, rubber molding, and injection molded plastics. PHB Corporation also serves international clients with die casting mold making for aluminum, zinc, rubber, and plastics. We have solved problems including complex automotive lighting, multiple cavity castings for pressure die casting, and large die casting molds.
PHB’s engineering and manufacturing staff reduces costs on existing and next generation programs. These reductions are achieved through early involvement in part design to ensure manufacturability, multi-cavitation design and metal programs. We use top of the line software in all of our plants including AutoCAD, Pro-E, Creo, and MAGMAsoft®. The end goal of our prototyping and early involvement is to produce molds and end products in a turn-key die casting process that give the end user the highest quality molds and the highest quality diecast products.

PHB Corp. Machining–CNC Machining, Turning, Milling, Drilling & more

PHB Machining offers close tolerance CNC machining capability in turning, milling, drilling, boring and tapping. We also offer assembly, wet vacuum impregnation (using Imprex 95-1000A resin) and leak testing capability to verify. Our state of the art Quality Assurance Department ensures that all parts meet customer’s specifications. PHB Machining is your one-stop-shop for everything aluminum and zinc die-casting. We have four (4) automatic Coordinate Measuring Machines, which are used for in-process checks, first article layouts, PPAPs, and the generation of statistics. We have in-house Millipore testing that can measure the cleanliness of the machined castings and make sure that our process meets customer standards. We also machine sand cast aluminum, cast iron, cast zinc, and produce machine from solid parts. All of our working holding is designed and built in house allowing for a high degree of customization and short lead times.


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