X-Ray Imaging of Cast Parts to Identify Subsurface Defects

At each stage of the casting process, foundries take careful steps to ensure that the pieces cast are sound. From pattern-making to finishing, metallurgists diligently ensure that surface finish, mechanical properties, and castings’ dimensions are accurate and to standard.  However, even when castings are produced with extreme care, factors like slight temperature fluctuation and imperfections

Plastic Molding vs. Rubber Molding: Which Is Best?

The decision of whether to use plastic vs. rubber molding is often encountered by manufacturers developing a new product. This is no simple “either/or” decision. If the wrong material is selected, designers could end up with components with inappropriate tolerances, low quality, and costly production. By considering a few details about the component in question,

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CASTING FOR DIE-CAST ALUMINUM PARTS – FROM CONCEPT TO PACKAGING When working with aluminum designs, the decision of how and where you will process your material is crucial. Businesses have the choice of various manufacturing processes to cast aluminum parts, and at PHB, die casting is our specialty.  From the automotive industry to the production