Zinc Die Cast Manufacturing for Kitchen Appliances

Most households have beautiful zinc cast products in their kitchens. Zinc die cast manufacturing is great for all main kitchen appliances such as blenders, stand mixers, hand mixers, toasters, food processors, food slicers, etc. The process of die cast manufacturing creates a very good surface finish and dimensional consistency. It is best suited for large

What is Santoprene? Santoprene vs. Rubber Injection & Compression Molding for Seals & Gasket Manufacturing

The following article compares rubber (natural and EPDM) and Santoprene on: Cost Resilience Application What is Santoprene? Santoprene is not strictly rubber, but it acts like rubber in many applications. The product is a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) which acts like plastic in its molding characteristics. Santoprene is used to create precise rubber-like products including seals,

Emerging Markets for Precision Aluminum Die Casters

Industries that Show Growth Trends for Die Casters in Coming Years Include Electric Vehicles, Renewable Energy & Lighting New technologies are constantly transforming the metal die casting industry, especially when it comes to precision aluminum die casting. Today, the metal casting industry is innovative, high-tech, challenging, clean, and safe. As an industry leader, PHB Corp.

Local Schools and Businesses Come Together to Support STEM Education in Erie, PA

McDowell and Fort LeBoeuf high schools team up with manufacturing companies like PHB Inc. and Reddog Industries to help expose students to STEM education. STEM–science, technology, engineering, and mathematics–education provides students with opportunities to explore STEM-related concepts, develop a passion, and hopefully pursue a job in a STEM field. STEM education helps to bridge the