Emerging Markets for Precision Aluminum Die Casters

Mike Burkhart / April 29, 2019
Emerging Markets for Precision Aluminum Die Casters

Industries that Show Growth Trends for Die Casters in Coming Years Include Electric Vehicles, Renewable Energy & Lighting

New technologies are constantly transforming the metal die casting industry, especially when it comes to precision aluminum die casting. Today, the metal casting industry is innovative, high-tech, challenging, clean, and safe. As an industry leader, PHB Corp. develops and applies the latest in energy-efficient practices, waste-minimization technologies/processes, and computer-based design and simulations. Whether it’s critical components for aircraft and automobiles, home appliances, or even surgical equipment; die casting metal products are integral to our economy and our way of life. PHB Corp. provides die casting capabilities in a very diverse range of industries, including:

  • Automotive – Motor mounts and casings
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Renewable energy
  • Lighting/LED lighting
  • Delivery infrastructure (modernized trucking, railroads, etc)
  • Consumer – Large and small home appliances

Recognizing every die casting application and requirement is different, PHB Corp. is a one-stop shop to handle any die casting project of any size. PHB Corp. offers tooling design, hot and cold chamber die casting capabilities, and facilitates all finishing or plating services needed to complete the project.

Bringing Sustainable Aluminum Die Casting Solutions to Innovators & Early Adopters Helps Industry Growth Projection   

Along with a push in technology, the global demand for environment conservation among consumers is higher than ever. Many manufacturing companies are now looking to utilize as many eco-friendly manufacturing processes possible and pushing to become “green” in nature. Among the many processes of manufacturing used today, die casting has remained the most efficient and ecologically sustainable process available. Because of the recyclable and eco-friendly nature of die-casting, these are just some of the factors why ReportBuyer projects the global aluminum casting market to show consistent annual growth of 5% or more through the year 2023.


At PHB Corp., we always look for ways to improve and “do it better” – both environmentally and efficiently — when it comes to die casting. PHB Corp.’s Aluminum and Zinc die casting divisions are providing industries with the tools to:

  • Produce lightweight, high-strength castings for automotive and other applications, improving transportation fuel efficiency
  • Produce complex castings that meet demanding specifications and require few-to-no post-cast operations
  • Increase manufacturing speeds and offering reliable results with no capacity constraints
  • Shortens lead times and lowers overall cost to buyers

We look for opportunities to create and implement new techniques in our die casting processes in an effort to stay current in emerging industries such as the automotive, consumer goods, LED lighting, and renewable energy industries.

PHB Corp. Collaboratively works with OEMs in the Renewable Energy, Electric Automotive & Consumer Goods Industries

Electric Vehicles Are Driving the Future of the Automotive Industry

The growing market for lightweight, electronic vehicles are fueling the automotive market exponentially. The global automotive parts die-casting market accounted for $8.31 billion in 2017 and is expected to reach $18.54 billion by 2026. Should the battery electric vehicles (BEV) share rise considerably faster than the combined shares of the plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) and full hybrid vehicles (HEV), an overcapacity could hit the aluminum casting foundries by the end of the next decade. PHB Corp. is poised to handle that capacity and prepared to be a leader in these emerging sectors within the automotive industry. PHB Corp. also provides lightweight, structural components manufactured along with motor housings, inverters, converters, and more for the current electric automotive industry.


Lightweight construction is critical for hybrids and new electric vehicles that are entering the market. Additional weight from batteries and the electric motors can be substantially offset by replacing steel structures with aluminum die castings. The market for aluminum die casting structural components has already multiplied within the past five years, and with manufacturing costs decreasing by nearly 20 %, the outlook is strong for aluminum die cast automotive components. While innovators are pushing to improve battery technology in vehicles, the demand for electric vehicles (EV) is booming, bringing new opportunities for aluminum die casting manufacturers like PHB Corp.

Aluminum Die Casting for Renewable Energy Components & Infrastructure

According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), the most promising alternative energy resources include biomass, geothermal heat, pumps, hydropower, the solar photovoltaic, wind, and energy efficiency. Aluminum die castings play a key role in the expansion of all alternative renewable energy sources, and PHB Corp. supplies die casting solutions for all the different types of renewable energy. The production of geothermal power results from high-quality Aluminum die casting products including:

  • Industrial fans
  • Piping
  • Turbines
  • Propellers
  • Pumps
  • Pumping castings

Through PHB Corp.’s multi-cavity expertise, we are able to keep prices low and in-house, allowing the manufacturing process to be at an expedited pace with your specifications. With trends going toward weight reduction while still possessing field reliability in extreme environments, our in-house engineering team helps ensure die cast components are durable and built for the long-term. Find out more about die castings for alternative energy components by contacting us today.

PHB Corp. Specializes in Aluminum Die Casting for the LED & Electrical Lighting Industry

PHB Corp.’s capabilities encompass precise high-pressure die casting for a wide range of lighting parts including outdoor coach lights and spotlights, wall sconce fixtures, and housings for traffic lights and parking garage lighting. Aluminum die-cast parts typically weigh one-third less than steel parts and provide non-toxicity properties. Additional benefits of Aluminum die casting for lighting boxes and related components include:

  • The ability to configure parts into various shapes and sizes.
  • Excellent electrical conductivity
  • Superior thermal properties, making it suitable for use in high-temperature lighting applications.
  • The ability to easily be powder coated for enhanced aesthetic appeal.
  • Customization to accommodate the needs of low- and high-volume manufacturing operations.

Components of LED lights are made with aluminum pressure die casting, offering great dimensional accuracy in addition to being durable and sturdy. Whether your business offers LED lights to high-rise buildings, or streetlights to small towns, PHB Corp. is your one-stop shop to handle any and all die casting for lighting fixtures.

Aluminum Casting for Railroads, Trucking & General Delivery Infrastructure

As aluminum alloys continually develop higher strength-to-weight ratios, this has opened the door into many industries that have traditionally relied on components through steel and iron casting. For example, the railroad industry — though not normally thought of as an emerging industry — is nonetheless being transformed through the use of aluminum alloys which helps in greater load capacity while reducing fuel consumption. Furthermore, the corrosion-resistant characteristics of aluminum helps reduce expensive maintenance costs and keep rail cars and locomotives both running longer.


The same benefits translate over to the trucking industry, where aluminum alloys help prevent rust, reduces fuel usage, and because of how light aluminum is, creates for easier handling in freight applications. A job that normally requires two people, may only need one person now to handle those same components. Personal vehicles have already moved towards using aluminum and aluminum alloys for construction, and other transportation industries are taking notice. From structural components in railroad rolling stock to brakes, aluminum alloy die casting has a variety of uses in this industry including:

  • Freight doors/walls that are more moveable
  • Load-bearing structural components
  • Train / Truck body construction
  • Welding material
  • A variety of other exposed components

From design, to mold production, to final delivery; PHB Corp. and our team of engineers are ready to work with you to help save money and deliver a quality part. Please contact us with any questions regarding aluminum die casting for the transportation industry today.

PHB Corp. Works with Consumers to Produce New Products with Aluminum Die Casting  

Thousands of aluminum alloy die cast parts and components for consumer products are used every single day. Whether those are doorknobs, faucets, light switches, coffee makers, toasters, high-tech gadgets, or tools – all are most likely made from aluminum alloy components. All of these devices are created and manufactured to make the act of living easier and more comfortable.


PHB Corp understands consumers are surrounded by innovation every day. We welcome the opportunity to collaboratively partner with these innovators to produce high-quality, durable aluminum alloy die cast parts and components for a vast array of consumer products.


Your Complete Die Casting Manufacturer for Quality End Products

PHB Corp. serves manufacturing companies and OEMs that demand the highest level of quality. Our large facility and knowledgeable staff allow for high volume production and quick turnaround. With our testing and quality assurance processes, we take pride in delivering first-rate products with the most cost-effective solutions. Call PHB Corp. today, or request a quote, to ensure your receiving top quality on your next die casting and machining project.

Learn more about partnering with PHB to impress consumers with new, innovative, and high-quality manufactured products.

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