A U.S. Injection Molding Manufacturer & Automotive Molding Supplier

Mike Burkhart / April 27, 2020
A U.S. Injection Molding Manufacturer & Automotive Molding Supplier

The Current State of International Injection Molding & Automotive Parts Manufacturing | IATF 16949

Just like the rest of the world, manufacturers and their customers are living in unprecedented times. As supply chain interruptions and border shutdowns continue to grow alongside the COVID-19 pandemic, many manufacturers are unable to receive components from their international suppliers and are therefore seeing reduced production operations. PHB is an IATF 16949 certified U.S. leader, and full-service supplier, in the fields of automotive parts manufacturing,  injection molding, CNC machining, tool and die, and a variety of die-casting processes. We feel that now, it is as important as ever to emphasize the services we are always capable of providing to our customers during this difficult time.


U.S.-Based Injection Molding Manufacturing | Plastics Molding & Rubber Molding Services

Part of the reason PHB remains a leading supplier of such high-quality molded products is the variety of product types, and materials we can mold, as well as the operations we facilitate. PHB has been a longtime provider of injection molding in both plastic and rubber, but there are other processes we excel at that our customers may not be aware of. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Assembly
  • Rubber Over-molding
  • Product Graphics
  • Custom Packaging
  • Shipping
  • Cryogenic Deflashing
  • Labeling


Rubber Molding Services

Our rubber molding division can run three shifts of production if needed, which affords us the ability to complete both low-volume and high-volume projects. Some of the more valuable capabilities we provide include repairing and running existing rubber molds as well as offering spec testing from our material suppliers and compliance certifications to ensure quality parts. PHB can offer our customers the unique opportunity to assist in designing their products, and in the case of over-molded parts, we are usually able to produce or source the base part that is molded over. Whether it is a plastic part, machined part, or a cast part the needs to be over-molded, we can help develop the entire product.


Plastic Molding Services

We became a leader in these fields not because of the number of services we provide, but because of the attention to detail we complete them with. The quality of our finished plastic pieces has landed us work with name brands the public recognizes, spanning medical devices, safety appliances, luxury automotive parts, and beyond. On top of this, PHB is an ISO certified and ITAR compliant plastics injection-molding manufacturer.


Additional Manufacturing Services | IATF Certified CNC Machining, Die Casting, & More

PHB is also an ITAR compliant and IATF certified automotive parts manufacturer, die-caster, and contract-machining manufacturer focused on two things: quality assurance and quick turnaround. We employ several strategies to keep these values at the forefront of any project. First, we utilize 58 presses that vary in size, allowing us to complete low-volume and high-volume productions alike. Second, due to the proximity of our CNC machining and die casting facilities, we are able to request immediate feedback on die casting integrity and other quality requirements as well as minimize wait times between the two plants. With over 100 years of experience in die casting alone, PHB continues to be the preferred U.S. manufacturer of die castings and machined products that are both high-quality and cost-effective. Learn more about our additional manufacturing services today:

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