Why the Best Aluminum Die Casting Manufacturers Use MAGMAsoft Process Simulation

Mike Burkhart / April 27, 2017
Why the Best Aluminum Die Casting Manufacturers Use MAGMAsoft Process Simulation

Why the Best Aluminum Die Casting Process Manufacturers Use MAGMAsoft  Simulation

Challenges will inevitably arise in the manufacturing process as the complexity of some client’s desired features overlap or even conflict with one another. Thankfully, when there is a complex problem, the best die casting manufacturers can still provide an innovative solution with the use of MAGMAsoft Process Simulation.

In today’s market, there is no reason to waste funds on prototyping die materials, press time or hundreds of man hours. State-of-the art software now allows for systematic savings of time and resources through the use of a digital replication of the entire casting process.

If you are looking for an aluminum die cast process manufacturer who can successfully and economically assist you from concept to finished product, you need to find a company who utilizes and can apply MAGMAsoft Process Simulation to your project.

PHB engineers have been using MAGMAsoft for more than 20 years. Our years of experience using simulations and numerous projects make us a leader in early involvement and product development.

1. Lower Costs and Better Products

It is a universal desire to lower overhead while producing more profitable, high-quality products. However, with costly casting trials and tooling modifications, the expenses can grow exponentially before a project even starts. Conversely, premier aluminum die casting companies use MAGMAsoft’s process simulation to circumvent this unnecessary provisional period.

By reducing scrap, man hours, and rejected parts, clients can cut their bottom line and ultimately increase profits. “MAGMAsoft is used as early in the development process as possible,” says seasoned manufacturing engineer Rick Zukowski. “During the early involvement phase of working with the customer, we use simulation tools to suggest design modifications in order to make it easier to cast and less prone to defects.”

2. Troubleshooting Casting Design

In conjunction with cutting the bottom line and getting that valuable edge over your competitors, you want to produce products that are unrivaled in quality. Unfortunately, there are times when the original casting design is inherently prone to defects such as gas porosity, cold shuts, or shrinkage defects.

“We also use MAGMAsoft to troubleshoot existing jobs while trying to solve production problems that arise over the course of manufacturing,” asserts Rick.

With MAGMAsoft Process Simulation, manufacturers develop optimal filling characteristics, temperature control, cycle times and machine parameters. This software resolves product issues early on as result of using die casting process simulation in conjunction with die design, runner design, and casting parameters.

3. Deeper Insights into Die Cast Parts

MAGMAsoft Die Cast Process Simulation software boasts realistic mapping of the entire process, from the first step to the last. In fact, before the process even begins, MAGMAsoft displays realistic, predictive, and analytical 3D simulation of your product. With this digital rendering, the manufacturer will be able to optimize and evaluate elements of the production process, such as:

  • cooling process
  • filling process
  • heat checking
  • production risks
  • tool properties
  • quality

4. Leads to More Informed Decisions

“MAGMAsoft is used by the engineering department,” says Rick. “In our engineering department, we use PTC Creo solid modeling software to design all of our tooling. We use this industry leading software to create the geometry that we import into MAGMAsoft.”

With such an informed and seamless process, manufacturers can avoid defects, optimize the filling process, lower maintenance costs, and modify tooling. What does this mean for the customer? It means shorter process development time, consistent quality, and reliable delivery.

MAGMAsoft allows die casting manufacturers to ensure quality, provide predictive information regarding your products, and lend insights into the most economical casting process. Clients often discover totally new, innovative, higher quality methods of creating their products with the help of manufacturers who use MAGMAsoft.

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