PHB Inc. Influencing The Next Generation of Manufacturers

Mike Burkhart / October 20, 2017
PHB Inc. Influencing The Next Generation of Manufacturers

PHB Inc. Influencing The Next Generation of Manufacturers

The fourth annual Manufacturing Day took place on Wednesday, October 11, at the Bayfront Convention Center, in downtown Erie, PA. Sister companies PHB Inc. and Reddog have made a presence at the convention since its launch four years ago. Thousands of students and manufacturing businesses came together to celebrate modern manufacturing and to inspire the next generation of manufacturers.

Manufacturing Day Was A Success

Students and manufacturing businesses from Erie, Crawford, Warren, Venango and Mercer counties attended. Erie’s Manufacturer and Business Association hosts the event every year, along with the imperative help of their partners, for the chance to get the next generation interested in manufacturing. Manufacturing Day allows the kids to see all the opportunities manufacturers have and allow them to acknowledge the many similarities that come into play with their daily lifestyle as kids.

Many of the activities the next generation loves to do at home, like play video games, have some basic similarities with the technologies that many manufacturing businesses are incorporating in today’s industry. Having the next generation realize that they could be doing something that resembles their childhood, is a game changer. This event has the potential to influence the future job decisions of the children

PHB Inc. and The Next Generation

PHB Inc., recognized for their quality products in the aluminum die casting, zinc die casting, CNC machining, plastic molding, rubber molding, tool & die and injection molding industries, wanted to show actual manufactured parts along with photos of manufactured pieces. PHB and Reddog’s main goal at Manufacturing Day was to talk to kids from all over the area about what we do as a manufacturing company. Along with informational banners, PHB and Reddog wanted to display a video highlighting their manufacturing plants and how the new technologies have been implemented within the last couple years.

Other companies like Great Lakes Metal Finishing, a company providing services such as zinc nickel plating, provided booths including video displays showing the many different processes, giving out handouts, and providing various giveaways to interact with the next generation providing tangible, hands-on activities.

This year’s event was breathtaking, showcasing around 80 exhibits that gave demonstrations about all the possibilities that come from manufacturing. Manufacturing Day was designed for participants to experience the innovative manufacturing technology that is being integrated in today’s industry. Some of these technologies were applied with hands-on, educational break-out sessions for more than 2,000 educators, students and community leaders. We look forward to see what the local businesses in Erie. Pa like PHB Inc, Reddog, bring to this spectacular convention next year!

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